Friday, November 30, 2007


By Mythsaje

When this administration and its enablers issue executive orders, work to enact legislation, or block legislation meant to ease the burden on the average American, they are, in fact, waging class warfare downward, attacking the very people that have helped them rise to such high positions.

When John Edwards speaks of poverty, and the not-so-slow erosion of the middle class, he is returning a volley that has already been delivered, the volley that leaves American workers and their families standing in the ruins of their shattered lives.

Medical bankruptcy, discrimination of all different kinds, "Free Trade," and barriers against a minimum wage hike--these are all weapons in the arsenal of the Class Warriors holding the pass between what America is and what it could be.

We didn't declare Class Warfare. They did. Nearly everything they do stinks of it. They wish to make use of our labor, depend on us as consumers, yet want to give as little back as possible. They wish to exploit us.

Of course it's Class Warfare. What else could it be? Those with the most are seemingly willing to do anything to gain more, at the expense of the rest of us.

Living wages? Not going to happen on THEIR watch. They'd like to destroy Social Security, to plunge millions of workers into poverty and starvation so they can be more easily exploited. Educational opportunities? Not on your life. Educated people have options, and critical thinking skills. They cannot be manipulated so easily by a little infotainment.

The credit card companies engage in blatant usury, the insurance companies pick our pockets and give back as little as possible, and the pharmaceutical companies pay billions to push their poisons on us and expand their influence on doctors and other medical practitioners at every opportunity.

They pretend that campaign finance is "free speech" and stand idly by while REAL free speech is curtailed. They fight to control vast media empires through which only certain voices can be heard. They fight to restrict the internet based upon the ability to pay, and claim that regulating their ability to do this would somehow "impair" the free flow of information.

They want everything, and want to give us nothing. We are meant to be good worker bees and consumers and, if necessary, cannon fodder for the next war. Their lies are blatant, their misdirections as facile as any stage magician's, and their messages are nearly flawless.

But we know lies when we hear them. Some of us have not lost our ability to discern truth from falsehood, and we are speaking up even if we are accused of practicing Class Warfare.

Of course it's Class Warfare, you bastards. You should know--you started it! Did you really expect us to roll over and allow you to pick our pockets and leave us for the crows? And say nothing? We know you'd like nothing more than to turn us all into good little Fox viewers, but some of us can't restrain our gag reflexes long enough to listen even for a moment.

You turn us against each other, playing on our race, religion, sexual identity, and even our social and economic backgrounds. But we're ONE HELL of a lot more like one another than we are like YOU. We get up in the morning and go to work, and fight tooth and nail so our children can have it a little better than we did. We fight an uphill battle every day that you people will never understand because you don't have to fight it. You don't have to worry about how you're going to pay for your kids to go to college, or even how to pay for school supplies and clothes for the next school year.

You don't know what it's like to have to decide between a new pair of shoes and gas to get to work.

You don't know what it's like to have to choose between a new bike and a good winter coat.


You're damn right it's class warfare, motherfuckers. You declared it, fired the first salvo, and are expecting us to run just because you make faces and call us names?

Better think again. We've got a hell of a lot less to lose than you do. And, in the end, a hell of a lot more to gain.

We are SO done.

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