Thursday, November 29, 2007

I believe

By rockybelt

I believe that Eisenhower was the last President that told the American people anything that resembled the truth when he warned us about the military complex.

I remember as a child arguing with a fellow classmate about Eisenhower and Stevenson. We were both about 9 years old. We were nine years old and arguing about who could lead this country to the betterment of this country. Nine years old. Arguing over who is the better man to lead this country.

Today, you cannot find many 30 year old men to argue one way or another.

People have had basic rights in the USA for so long that they no longer consider that thousands of Americans died to give them these freedoms. They look at our current "leaders" and depend on them to do the right thing. What they forget is the fact that prior to 1776 (Who can tell me what that year represents) we----the people----did not have any rights to govern ourselves. We fought and won that right. That right to be ours forever.

The only problem is that we must guard that right to the death of the last American. You see, this is not a God given right but a right that was fought for and paid for in blood. We must continuously stand up and be ready to die for our freedom.

The people in power at this time are taking away our freedoms and our privelages of being a citizen of the United States. The people in power claim to be citizens of the United States, but they are not. They are fascists from the depths of their "souls". They have a goal of attaining "The New World Order".

The people that want this "New World Order" happen to be the "elitists" of the U.S.
They have a goal of evenly dividing the wealth among the U.S. citizens. That goal is to have 100% of the wealth going to them and the rest of the wealth going to the other 300 million people in the U.S. They do not care how many people have to die to attain this goal.

Dominate the world's oil and you control the world. Simple as that.

I can go on forever and take up gigabytes of storage. The bottom line is that Bush and his crones are criminals of the highest order and need to be dealt with immediately.

Apathy is for the weak. Apathy means death.

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