Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guarding the Gates

I think that those who head some of the more famous of our Veterans Organizations, at least at some Mid-Level, are forgetting that Veterans should be their primary motivation. The VFW and the American Legion have become tools of the current administration, and have left our veterans in squalor in some of our VA hospitals. I say this because of their silence on this matter.

When we first heard about Walter Reed, we were shocked, and the Veteran Organizations stood up and called for reform, no reform was to be coming, and now these organizations are silent, while our Veterans suffer every day. I know there is no magic wand, I know that it takes time to create a situation where our service members are treated better, and these wounded and recovering Vets know this as well. What is unforgivable, is that the very organizations that exist to aid these veterans have fallen down in front of this task. I find it difficult to believe that men and women who have faced war and horror, who have lost comrades in arms to the machinations of heinous governments, and returned victorious, suddenly cringe before gw bush.
I am disgusted.

Recently, in Boston, members of the American Legion stood by while other veterans were arrested for using the Right of Free Speech. The Legionnaires stood by idly, as the Boston PD arrested veterans that had every right to be there as any other veteran group. But the fear that bush has placed upon these men and women is palpable...they stand by while others are arrested for the very rights each and every one of them fought for. And this, on Veterans Day.

These brave men and women have sold out to a coward that has become President of the United States. The same men and women that have braved the best the enemy could send their way, stood silently as others were taken away. I feel that they have forgotten just what oath one takes when they enter the military..."to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". I have never forgotten that oath, I never made an oath to follow a man that would destroy the very Liberties this this nation stands for. Sure, he may Commander in Chief, but only in name, his commands have sent this nation into a tailspin that will be difficult to recover from.

I am no writer, I am no grand eloquent speaker, I am a veteran that believes he has had the greatest of opportunities, the opportunity to serve his country with honor, and return to help all those who will wear the uniform of one of our military branches, and their families. I ask nothing in return, but I expect to be given some small measure of respect.

I shall give the same measure of respect these "leaders" of the Vet organizations that they give our wounded and my fellow vets, whether they served in Peace or War. At this point, it is very little. These "leaders" need to stand up, see how our fallen are treated, and call out for justice, for care for those who have borne the battle and to exact from this administration what they had promised, and what they had sworn to do. bush and his group think that soldiers, sailors airmen and marines are there for their particular brand of "warfare". We need to ensure that our Rights, Liberties and Security are ensured. We need to hold this administration responsible for their actions.

We who speak out for Justice, for Liberty, for Rights, are the Guardians of the Gate, and we must never let our Guard down.

Thank you for reading this, and may Peace be with you all.

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