Friday, November 2, 2007

Mr. Bush, Your Legacy Awaits ...

By Nancy Greggs

Appointed to the presidency of the United States by the Supreme Court in 2000; NOT duly elected … and you’re a torturer.

“Elected” president in 2004 amid vote fraud scandals involving electronic voting machines owned and operated by loyal party members … and you’re a torturer.

Turned surplus left by previous (“tax & spend”) Democratic president into largest debt in US history – and still counting … and you’re a torturer.

Lied country into unwinnable war based on fabricated intelligence and outright lies … and you’re a torturer.

Ignored legitimate intelligence warnings of an “imminent threat” that could result in an attack on US soil … and you’re a torturer.

Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance during your tenure in office … and you’re a torturer.

Millions of Americans have fallen below the poverty level during your tenure in office … and you’re a torturer.

“Lost” billions of taxpayers’ dollars in the fog of war, while halting investigations into same … and you’re a torturer.

Awarded no-bid/no accountability contracts to war profiteers with family/friendship ties to the White House … and you’re a torturer.

Promoted programs to enrich oil companies and pharmaceutical companies to the detriment of the American people … and you’re a torturer.

Funneled billions of tax dollars into the pockets of cronies and family members under the guise of programs like “No Child Left Behind” … and you’re a torturer.

Appointed incompetent and inexperienced cronies to positions of power and influence (e.g. Michael Brown, Alberto Gonzales) … and you’re a torturer.

Distanced the nation from its traditional allies while allegedly fighting a “Global War on Terror” that, by its very nature, required their friendship and cooperation … and you’re a torturer.

Stonewalled investigations into the attacks of 9-11, and refused to speak to the Commission, once finally constituted, under oath … and you’re a torturer.

Handed millions of taxpayers’ dollars to “religious leaders” in exchange for promoting your agenda to their mindless flock and ensuring their votes … and you’re a torturer.

Ignored the system of checks and balances set out by the founding fathers in a blatant attempt to circumvent the laws of the nation, and the Constitution you swore to uphold … and you’re a torturer.

Brought political influence to bear in all aspects of the government, including the Department of Justice … and you’re a torturer.

Lost the respect of the world by virtue of your war-mongering and outright dismissal of diplomacy … and you’re a torturer.

Disgraced the country by acting the buffoon in public, at home and abroad, and speaking incoherently at all times … and you’re a torturer.

Lost an entire American city and many of its residents due to inattention, incompetence, and an obvious lack of interest … and you’re a torturer.

Used photo-ops – complete with sets, lighting and props at the taxpayers’ expense – as a substitute for actual leadership … and you’re a torturer.

Spent more time on vacation than any other president in U.S. history, despite never-ending statements about the critical times we live in due to “terrorists who could strike at any moment” … and you’re a torturer.

Launched war against a nation that posed no threat to the US, and did so under the banner of “liberation”, which has led to mounting US troop casualties, untold millions of dead Iraqis, and increased tension in the Middle East … and you’re a torturer.

Sent troops into combat without life-saving equipment while lining the pockets of corporations like Halliburton, who charged – and were paid – obscene amounts of money for so-called “services” like delivering contaminated water to soldiers in the field of fire … and you’re a torturer.

Ignored the plight of returning veterans who have been incapacitated due to their in-service injuries, while spouting the phrase “Support the Troops” … and you’re a torturer.

Further destroyed the environment by promoting programs that protected polluters and industries that profited from lax laws, while hiding their true purpose behind misleading names like “Clear Skies Initiative” … and you’re a torturer.

Involved in the “outing” of a covert CIA operative as a means of political revenge when her husband dared tell the truth … and you’re a torturer.

Operated in secret, destroying documents dictated by law to be preserved, refusing to cooperate with long-established legalities governing the retention of communications … and you’re a torturer.

Ignored the financial needs of our own country in order to direct funds into the mission of completely destroying a nation that posed no threat, and did not ask for your so-called “liberation” … and you’re a torturer.

I understand that you are constantly concerned with your legacy – but, as you can see, it has already been written by virtue of your actions, your inactions, and the corruption you have allowed – nay, encouraged – to flourish during your sorry, illegitimate occupation of the White House.

While this list is impressive in its length and content, it is by no means exhaustive. There is more, Mr. Bush – much more. And the extent of your involvement in these and other crimes against our nation, and against humanity, may take decades to explore and ultimately expose.

Your Legacy, sir, is exactly what it was predicted to be from the moment you assumed an office you had neither earned nor been duly elected to: Worst.President.Ever.

And when all is said and done in years to come, that will undoubtedly be the nicest thing anyone has to say about your tenure in office.

Oh, and by the way … you’re also a torturer.

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