Friday, November 16, 2007


By NanceGreggs

Because it’s my world, and it’s all about me, let me tell you what I want.

I want to live in peace, not only with the people in my neighborhood, but with the people of the world.

I want everyone’s personal relationship with God to remain personal, and not open to scrutiny or criticism from others.

I also want to be free to choose not to worship God, if I so desire.

I want to be free to speak my mind, and be heard when I have something of value to say.

I want to hear the truth spoken by those entrusted with control of my government, as well as those entrusted with control of the airwaves that speak to the world that surrounds me.

I want my children to be well-fed, well-clothed and well-educated.

I want my children to have opportunities I never had, and their children to have opportunities their parents never had.

I want to hear disease, hunger, poverty and homelessness being discussed as an unfortunate part of the past, and not an inevitable part of the future.

I want to be judged by the value of my character, and not the money in my pocket.

I want to hear the songs of my ancestors along with the songs of the ancestors of others, and learn to sing them both with equal joy.

I want to meet every stranger with a sense of friendship, and not a foreboding of danger and a sense of distrust.

I want to communicate in a language that speaks of hope, not despair.

I want to listen to the words of others with a desire to learn, and not the arrogance of closing my ears to everything that is different or unfamiliar.

I want to till the soil and bring forth a bountiful harvest, and not despoil the earth for the sake of temporary riches.

I want to dance to the rhythm of beautiful music, and not march to the beat of the drums of war.

I want to look to the heavens and feel the awe of exploring its untold secrets, and not the threat of its potential use to spy, to monitor, to deploy weapons.

I want to die knowing I contributed something of value, and not regretting that the only thing I ever valued was myself.

Who am I?

I am 99.9 percent of the people presently inhabiting the earth.

And if you believe anything different, you have obviously been listening to that small minority who, for their own purposes, want you to believe differently.

Never give up. Never give in. Never forget that it is our world, and it truly is all about us.

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