Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paper nickels

I was rooting around in a box of old papers last night and got a blast from the past.

Somewhere around 40 years ago, I was stationed in Chu Lai, RVN. Uncle was kind enough to take all my real money and give me Military Payment Certificates or as we usta to call it 'funny money'.

Ever seen a paper nickel?

This sucker's about 1/3 the size of a dollar bill.

I also found a paper dime

and a paper quarter.

About 38 years ago, the United States invaded Cambodia. At the time I had been in country a few weeks, so guess where my skinny ass ended up. You guessed it, I was about 100 meters inside the Cambodian border with a small support team. We fixed everything that didn't fly.

The boys made some good finds; there were shithooks coming in all day long dropping off 'stuff' they had found. We had 100-lb bags of brown rice (which was really tasty & made an excellent alcholic beverage), food, medical supplies, guns, ammo, etc. etc.

I had completely forgotten about it, but I copped this from a generator box.

We had a bit of a wet spell and the booklet got some water damage, but if you can read Chinese:

I also found some old pictures, but think I'll save them for another time.

Peace out,

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