Sunday, January 20, 2008

Letter to Vets for Freedom

“War is a racket, it always has been... a few profit, and the many pay.”

It is every active duty service member and veteran's duty to resist this and any illegal and unconstitutional war. The only true patriots during this dark time in our history are either dead or working to bring the troops home. Just as there is nothing honorable or patriotic about war, there is nothing honorable or patriotic about your organization; you are pro-war, pro-imperialism, pro-lies, and pro-death, you are anti-peace, anti-freedom, anti-military, anti-constitution, and ultimately you are anti-American. Your interests are not those of America and her citizens, the overwhelming majority of whom have learned to hate this war and their corrupt administration, your interests are those of corporate greed, war profiteering, aggression, imperialism, and fascism.

How come nearly every single one of you people that I've seen or read about are Lieutenants and Sergeants? When I look at your little war pictures and read your poorly written bio's my vision is overflowed with images of lazy, incompetent, cowardly Officers with a handful of brain-dead NCO's to do their dirty work, as usual. I wonder where you boys all served? The Green Zone, BIAP, on some spit and polish General's staff perhaps? Or hell, maybe you actually were in combat, maybe you had the pleasure of ordering teenage boys to their deaths for a pack of lies, maybe you gave the orders to kill civilians and imprison the innocent, maybe you got to stand over your soldiers in your clean uniforms and new boots while they toiled to fix all the shit you broke on your last joy-ride mission, maybe you got to get drunk with all your old West Point buddies, laughing and joking all night because you knew nobody could punish you for it, maybe you even payed a couple dollars that night to get your dick wet in your favorite interpreter girl. And then, at the end of your long and glorious deployments, you all got Bronze Stars just for showing up.

Regardless of where you were and what you did over there, you all missed something. You somehow skipped the part where it all came crashing down on you like a ton of bricks and you finally realized, "Holy shit, this war is WRONG!" I don't know how you could possibly have missed that one but you managed to somehow, perhaps you all aught to go back and give it another try. You obviously haven't had your fill of dead children and burning shit, of ringing ears and aching bones, of blood and of tears, of grinding innocent people under you boot heels.

This war will end someday and when that happens it will not be because of your efforts but of mine. I suggest you read the constitution and the bill of rights, I suggest you crack a history book, I suggest you sit down and think long and hard about this war and your roll in it. Assuming that your organization is not completely forgotten and overlooked in years to come, history will prove that you were wrong, that you spread a message of death and fear, and that your logic was horribly flawed.


Clifton Hicks
Private, US Army (Ret.)
C Troop, 1-1 Cavalry
Baghdad, Iraq OIF-1

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