Monday, January 7, 2008

And This Lil' Piggy Cried Wee-Wee-Wee ...

By NanceGgreggs

My Dearest Lil Piggy David Frum:

Re your statement to the NYT that you are terrified that the GOP is heading for defeat:

There are times when only a bold expletive will suffice as a response, and this is one of those times. Where the fuck have you been for the last seven years?

So NOW you’re terrified the Republican party is headed for a meltdown of mammoth proportions? After the conduct of your party for the last seven years, let me tell you what that sounds like – in words simple enough for even you to understand: “I’m terrified that my conviction as a child molester will have a negative impact on my ability to get a job as a playground supervisor.” “I’m terrified that if my girlfriend finds out my last six fianc├ęs went mysteriously ‘missing’, she won’t want to get engaged.” “I’m terrified I’ll get fired from my job as a Portuguese translator when everyone realizes I don’t understand a word of Portuguese.”

Have you, by any chance, just been awoken from a coma? I pose the question because that would be the only plausible explanation for any Republican not knowing that the conduct of their party, and their so-called president, was obviously going to result in what we are now seeing as the consequences.

Did you honestly believe that the out-of-control national debt was going to be a plus for the party that traditionally garners votes by espousing fiscal responsibility? Did you really think that the skyrocketing profits of Big Oil under BushCo were going to go unnoticed by people worried about being able to afford the gas to get to-and-from work? Did you truly believe that the average Joe would never suspect that the government was asleep-at-the-wheel when his kid got sick and his dog died thanks to the poisonous products being welcomed into this country under the administration’s allegedly watchful eye? Did it not occur to you that people who watched a man sit a classroom reading The Pet Goat during a strike on US soil – the same guy who strummed the guitar while NOLA went under – might consider that the the strong-on-national-security WH resident might not be all he’s been cracked up to be?

As a Bush speechwriter, what did you think the impact was going to be when Mr. Decider Guy said he would get Bin Laden dead-or-alive, and later revised it to say that he didn't really think about Bin Laden much any more, being as he was never all that important? And what did you think as you listened to Bush’s speeches delivered in the slurred voice of a drunk sitting at the end of the bar rather than a man of even average intelligence sitting in the Oval Office?

After seven years of a lying buffoon talking like he just landed on the planet, a vice president who doesn’t know what branch of government his office is part of, “Heckovajob” appointees, billions of taxpayer dollars gone missin’ or unaccounted for via no-bid contracts to administration cronies, executive privilege being invoked every time even a modicum of information is sought, an AG who can’t remember anything beyond his own name, complete failure in a war in Iraq that was based on fabrications to begin with, vets living in cardboard boxes on the street, Walter Reed, dead American troops, dead Iraqi civilians, Abu Ghraib, secret prisons, waterboarding, bridges to nowhere, Jack Abramoff and Jeff Gannon, the incarceration of GOP politicians due to blatant corruption, the outsourcing of American jobs, corporate welfare, tax-cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations, Macaca moments, pedophiles like Mark Foley being encouraged to run, diaper-fetishists like Vitter being presented as family values politicians, e-coli in our food, lead in our kids’ toys, Enron, sub-prime mortgages, multi-billion-dollar bonuses to CEOs of failed companies, NIE’s completely contrary to administration claims, the devaluation of the dollar against foreign currencies, the rise in unemployment, the increased number of Americans living below the poverty line, and the United States of America becoming the laughing stock of the global community when it talks about freedom and democracy while, at the same time, pretending its own Constitution doesn’t even exist, you have the unmitigated chutzpah to publicly cry like a baby because you never saw it coming.

Oh, woe is you, Mr. Frum – and all of your cohorts who have not only supported but encouraged the very behavior that you now openly worry might ruin your chances in the next election and beyond.

I hope you at least appreciate the irony in the fact that the party that sought to govern by striking fear into the hearts of Americans with the threat of Islamofascists hiding under ever bed have now taken to hiding under their own beds, quaking in fear because the deception, the mis-information and the out-and-out lies have finally caught up with them.

Honestly, Davey, I don’t know how you could possibly not see this coming. Maybe it was your brain-dead reliance on politically-savvy consultants like Kristol and Wolfowitz – who, had they “advised” this poorly for a different organization, would be sleeping with the fishes even as we speak.

So now you’re terrified. Well, I can’t blame you there. If I were a Republican, I’d be terrified too.

I will give you credit for one thing, though, Davey: Up until I saw your recent remarks, I believed that Bush was the most clueless idiot in the country. I still believe that – but your quick ascension to the second place position is something to be marveled at.

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