Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey America- 9-11 is over--git yer shit together already, JESUS!

By Philosoraptor

What the fuck are you smoking America? Jesus, wake up already will ya? Snap the fuck out of your nine eleven induced stupor and focus will ya for Christ's sake? Are you drunk, stoned, over-medicated or over entertained? Shall we just stand there and die rather than do something?

And the answer comes back, 'hey hotshot, why don't YOU do something'? What are YOU doing to fight tyranny besides bitch and moan into the ethernet at strangers? Don't ask me, I am totally clueless and not proud to admit it.

Look at our nation. We are an embarrassment, from our president down. We should all be ashamed of ourselves, but we're too proud for that. Did nine eleven do all this? Is THAT what turned us all into zombies and robots? What mass mind control trick is preventing us from doing what we are constitutionally duty bound to do? What junkie sickness makes us paralyzed to act against these monsters? Just look at us, are we THAT powerless? How can we even hold our heads up anymore?

Did nine eleven scare you? Did it change you forever? Did it make you into a different person than you were on nine ten? Or is the truth worse? Is the truth that you don't even want to talk about nine eleven? Maybe that you are tired of talking about and thinking about the war that nobody can stop or 'win'? Maybe you're just waiting it out till things get better on their own?

The world is looking at our nation with increasing alarm, wondering what the fuck our problem is, and wondering why we don't 'do something' about it. If you look at America as if it were a single person, that person is in serious need of medical attention, physical and mental, that person is suffering a severe type of psychosis induced by trauma and stress and addiction. Uncle Sam is on a crash course for a full blown nervous breakdown.

Sure nine eleven was an awful thing, and it hurts to remember it, and it hurts to think about it, and its scary to think of it happening again, and its easy to imagine that our government can protect us, and its comforting to pretend that our elected officials know what's best for us. But for Christ's sake, look what we've allowed ourselves to become because of it.

Look how they've exploited the horror of nine eleven, and still are, constantly, yet at the same time they never show the men and women leaping from the flames to their deaths, they never show the horrible re-runs of the towers collapsing, they know we don't want to talk about it, we don't want to see it or think about it, we don't want to be reminded that the man who supposedly did it is still out there, un-captured.

They never show us the 4000 dead U.S. Soldiers, they never show us the uncountable thousands of dead Iraqis, and they never show us the torture tapes or the billions of bucks in profits they are making from all that murder and death, ALL BECAUSE OF NINE ELEVEN. They are fucking with our heads big time, and we stand around like we're in the checkout line at Walmart, as if this were all perfectly normal.

For Christ's sake America, pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off, and start the fuck all over again will ya? And SOON.

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