Friday, January 4, 2008

As a kid near Ft. Benning who would go up to Atlanta every weekend to buy a couple of hundred hits

By Dawggie

of acid to sell on base and the strip (with several friends). But I got to see Janis and Jimmy, Allman Bros free in Piedmont Park...Spirit and Dylan. Great bonuses. At that time you could actually pick juvie marijuana plants in the Chastain and Piedmant Parks.

Then one evening I got a call that the CIA (not FBI) had stopped a group of friends leaving my house for a search and news they were headed my way. My visitors had driven to a grocery store and had given us a three minute warning. I ate 20 hits of Purple Haze that evening and was thankful for low quality. I shit aluminum foil for three days later.

In later years, thanks to TFOA, I found out that I had made Nixon's list. Probably something to do with some in the face protesting here in the SE.

I had protested Lt. Calley's actions in Mai Lai, I successfully dodged the draft... I had long hair and a VW microbus painted like an American flag. Guess they saw me as a redneck terrorist. Actually most of our group were from all over the country and several democratic nations.

Those were fun and frightening years. I spent more han a few nights in jail, was beaten and had my head shaved by a warden or two.

Those years are back. McGovern isn't running.

The Kennedys are still dead. So is Martin.

We need new heroes and none will be without fault.

We need new leaders, and none of them will be without fault.

We need unity and humility to address the greatest good. And that can be without fault.

We may not get our choice of candidate this time or we might. Either way, they will be with fault. We need to vocalize, be louder than the neocons and the evangelicals. We need to let them know we are here, watching and that we care and expct accountability.

There is a very important 12 months ahead and we need to link arms and claim solidarity. There will be no candidates running that we can back 100% but we must choose the closest we can and carry them into office.

We need to win the presidency more now than we have in the last 100 years. It's up to you.

Peace and solidarity. The fate of the whole fucking world may depend on it.

We truly are on a precipice the likes of which as not been seen since the 19th Century.

Dawggie says it so it must be so! :)

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