Monday, December 10, 2007

We should proudly torture our enemies on live t.v. for all the world to see.

By Philosoraptor

Enough of this sneakin' around and torturing the enemies of freedom on some offshore nether-land, hidden from view, as if it were bad to torture one's enemies. We should hold our freedom loving heads up high and proud and torture anyone who doesn't like it.

Why be so ashamed about protecting America? That's why we torture, to protect America, and of course its great fun. Why destroy interrogation tapes? We should let all the school kids see those tapes to truly understand what America stands for. Our children need to understand that bad behavior has consequences, and if you are a terrorist you will be tortured. There are no 'time outs' in the corner for terrorists.

Torturing prisoners of war in some dark, secret cell out of view just gives torture a bad name, it makes it look like its illegal or unnecessarily cruel. Torture is nothing to be ashamed of, we are the greatest nation the world has ever witnessed, we are the noblest, the proudest, the freedom loving-est, fuck with America and you WILL be tortured.

I for one would like to see terrorists tortured live, every Saturday night at 8 p.m. central, prime t.v. time, and let all the world see how we deal with those who would dare to harm us. And screw that pansy-ass waterboarding stuff, I want real, biblical torture, crusader style.

It pains my heart terribly to see our fine president having to stretch the truth and say that "America does not torture", of course we torture, we torture the living fuck out of all kinds of enemies of freedom, nobody tortures like we do, nobody. In this shiny, new 21st century we should let the stigma and shame heretofore associated with torture die off once and for all, we should cast off the shackles of shame and bring the practice of torturing one's enemies out into the liberating light of day, for all the world to see, and envy, and marvel at.

God bless America, let freedom reign, and horrible torture to anyone who would dare cross our sacred borders and seek to harm us. Torture in its purest form, torture for freedom and democracy, torture for truth, justice, and the American way.

Does America torture? You bet your sweet ass we do, and we're damned proud of it too by God.

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