Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have finally reached the end of my rope.

By democrank

I`m a crusty old woman, which is one reason I refuse to point to a pile of dog crap and call it a strawberry sundae. Not even for party unity. Not even in honor of comity. Not even because sometimes a few scraps are better than none. I`m going to actually face reality. Forty-five years of Democratic Party activism have helped me understand the difference between bitching and doing. The sickening mess we`re in today didn`t happen by accident. Homeless folks we ignore, public support of torture, jampacked emergency rooms, decaying ghettos, packed prisons, obscene national debt, the destruction of Iraq, boarded-up factories....happened why? Because the majority cared so damned much?

Imagine. Broken soldiers wandering around Walter Reed (hile some of their comrades start their third or fourth deployment) and we show our "support" by demanding tax cuts and displaying yellow ribbon magnets? But Democratic leaders think they need to enter a pissing contest? Are they kidding me? I`m supposed to be glued to my teevee to determine who goes to church most often? Who is the True Christian? Who is willing to kill the most people to keep me free? Who is willing to use a nuke? Great. Let homeless children pace the sidewalks while I listen to a debate on which churchgoer loves his/her family the most and which Jesus Lover is willing to bomb Iran. This is more like a circus than a circus. Is Edwards` house too big? Did Obama inhale? What about Hillary`s cackle? My head hurts. All this and we`re debating torture? Or as Kit Bond calls it....the "backstroke."

Maybe Pelosi could have a friendly meet and greet at the White House so the next war funding request can be a joint effort with Junior Bush. Maybe our Senate leadership can be in the next Barney video. There`s always hope when you work things out with your "friends" across the aisle. In the meantime, I can`t think of one government agency that hasn`t been defiled, one right that hasn`t been trampled. None of this could have happened without the help of a big chunk of Democrats. One day they`re at their microphones promising oversight and the next minute they`re huddled out of sight making a deal with the devils. Compromise is one thing. Sacrificing principles is quite another.

The CIA torture tapes did it for me. Why do you suppose that party....didn`t present themselves en masse with a thunderous, crystal clear statement of revulsion? Is it the same reason they can hear reports of collective financial struggles and still stuff bills with inexcusable pork?

Is it the same reason they can shamelessly sign up for getaway weekends while soldiers from their own districts get sent to Iraq for the third time? Is it the same reason they can hold galas in Georgetown but ignore New Orleans?

We can make excuses `til the cows come home, but if we don`t get some fresh blood and a giant charge of backbone, there isn`t going to be anything left of the Democratic Party. We`ll just meld with the Republicans into a giant corporation-driven inetrest group that concentrates on treasure chests and re-elections. Every single time we look the other way and make excuses for unaccountable, unresponsive leaders, we contribute to our own demise. If they know who we are when they want a contribution, they should know who we are when we want an end to war and torture. We`ve overlooked way too much and required way too little. Time for change.

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