Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Question of Fear

Fear, one of the great emotions that either sends us cowering or steels our resolve. 

Fear is born of ignorance, and we have an administration that has used fear to accomplish an incredible rollback of Civil and Human Rights in this nation. They claim, "The US hasn't been attacked since 9-11", but the claim is hollow, as it may well be that there were no plans to attack the US in the first place, and if there were/are, they have not been carried out because of various reasons, the least of these being an "alert and adept" Dept of Homeland Security.

I have often been asked why I fight the fight against "perceived" injustice, I fight it for the same reasons I've always fought for what I believe in...I fight because there are people harmed by policies this administration has put into place; I fight because there are people that cannot find their voices; I fight because there are people that are simply too frightened to fight; I fight
because my resolve has been steeled by the events that have come about because of the
corruption of the current administration.

Fear dissipates with facts and truth. Fear should be a passing emotion, not a way of life. It should galvanize the alert, and press them into service, motivating us to find the answers and disseminating the facts we uncover.

Today, our brothers and sisters in uniform are pressed into service to enhance the coffers of
those who will not fight on their own. They are told their sacrifices are motivating two countries
to "accept" democracy, two countries that do not want democracy and are content to allow a theocratic form of governance to remain in place. 

Our brothers and sisters are being placed upon the altar of sacrifice for profit. Profit for those 
who make the weapons of war, energy companies that profit from our occupation, profit for those who inevitably find ways of not sacrificing a single thing, yet gain tremendous financial
rewards, bought by the blood, limbs and lives of those sent into the maelstrom.

All of this was produced by a "fear" that we may be attacked at any moment by a "ruthless
people" that have no concept of the sanctity of life, (which actually describes the present US administration quite well). The greatest threat to our form of democracy, based upon a Constitution that has survived over 200 years, through Civil War, and many internal assaults,
is domestic. The longer we allow our Rights and Liberties to be battered, the easier it is for those
who would enslave us to accomplish their goal.

All of this came about from fear, and that fear has kept many of us from speaking out, taking a stand and bringing facts and truth forward into the light. When I served, I served proudly and
with honor, just as those who serve today. Sacrifice was part of the equation, it was accepted, 
today, I believe all of us who served should be willing to take up the oath again...protect our
nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We need to protect those who speak out, we need to protect those that take a stand, we need to ensure those that have borne the brunt of battle are cared for with he best this nation can provide.

We cannot allow fear to control us, we must take a stand. Most of us have felt the sting and heartbreak of battle, we have persevered, and we shall persevere against the threat we face today. But we must use fear as a motivator, driving us forward to ensure that the hopes and dreams of those we have protected in the past, have a future we can be proud to leave them.

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