Friday, October 26, 2007

What We DON'T Need (Full Circle)

By Nancy Greggs

We don’t need a healthy citizenry to be a productive workforce that fuels the economy, so let’s not bother ourselves with easy, inexpensive access to healthcare.

We don’t need a workforce in America, healthy or otherwise, because we can outsource jobs to cheaper labor markets.

We don’t need education for our children because there won’t be any skilled jobs available for them after those jobs have all been outsourced, so let’s invest the money in a war we’ve already lost instead.

We don’t need to actually win the wars we start, because they are only allegedly meant to be fought in order to protect our rights and freedoms.

We don’t need rights and freedoms, because that’s what the terrorists hate us for, and why invite their anger?

We don’t need international cooperation to find terrorists, so let’s distance ourselves from our traditional allies.

We don’t need undercover CIA operatives who specialize in the proliferation of WMDs around the world, so let’s ‘out’ them for political revenge.

We don’t need accurate information on possible terrorist activity, so let’s just torture people who are willing to provide faulty information so as to be freed from the pain.

We don’t need alert, well-rested soldiers in combat, so let’s dispense with nonsense like periods of rest and recuperation.

We don’t need live, able-bodied troops, so let’s not waste money on body-armor, fortified vehicles, or other life-saving equipment.

We don’t need to inspect the cargo that comes into our ports and is then loaded onto airplanes, so let’s just keep passengers from bringing baby formula and shampoo on board and call ourselves “safe”.

We don’t need diplomacy, because we have a vibrant, well-equipped military to force our will on others.

We don’t need a vibrant, well-equipped military, because that money is better spent providing profits to no-bid contractors who take the lion’s share of the allocated funds.

We don’t need to demand an accounting from no-bid contractors making obscene profits by short-changing our soldiers, because those contractors reinvest those profits in the American economy by moving their companies to places like Dubai.

We don’t need to secure our borders, because no one has ever entered this country with untoward intentions.

We don’t need fair elections in a democracy, so let’s rely on questionable voting equipment instead of hand-counted ballots to elect our leaders.

We don’t need to have real leadership in our president, because photo-ops on aircraft carriers, in NOLA, or in California are a worthy substitute.

We don’t need intelligence assessment reports on how the war in Iraq is creating more terrorists, because we have an articulate president to explain how these kinds of facts don’t matter.

We don’t need to worry about how our Middle East policies will turn out, because we have the PNAC boys to predict it for us.

We don’t need the PNAC boys to be correct in their predictions, because the mainstream media will keep inviting them to speak as experts while ignoring how wrong they’ve been.

We don’t need the mainstream media to keep us apprised of the faulty logic of the PNACers or anyone else, because they are providing more important information about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

We don’t need to think about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, because they are not examples of good Christians, like Pat Robertson.

We don’t need to hear from Pat Robertson from the mainstream media, because the White House will speak for him as long as he can deliver votes.

We don’t need to talk about the White House speaking up for Christianity, because we have a president who exemplifies Christian behavior.

We don’t need to think about what constitutes Christian behavior, because we have a born-again Christian president who defines it for us – and it includes invading sovereign nations based on lies and faulty intelligence that was gained through torture, which led to under-equipped troops being sent to the Middle East to occupy a nation that deserved to be invaded because it sanctioned torture.

We don’t need to spend tax dollars on infra-structure repairs or maintenance at home, because those dollars are needed to destroy the infrastructure of nations we choose to “liberate”, as we win their hearts-and-minds by refusing to rebuild that which we have destroyed, except for their oil fields, which we will spend millions to protect, because that’s what it was all about from the beginning – and what part of this do you not understand?

But then, we don’t need any explanations, because the president knows what he’s doing, and who would argue with a guy who has run-up the greatest national debt in the nation’s history, increased poverty at home, overseen the destruction of the Constitution he swore to uphold, sanctioned torture, corrupted our system of justice, outraged our traditional allies, lost an American city due to incompetence in the aftermath of a natural disaster, and spent his time reading The Pet Goat knowing that the country was under attack?

We don’t need paltry things like logic. What we need is to suspend all common sense and believe that a draft-dodging, promise-breaking, vacation-taking, illiterate, inarticulate buffoon is what it takes to make this country GREAT.

NOW do you get it?

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