Sunday, October 21, 2007

There, There - You Will ALWAYS Be Relevant

There, There - You Will ALWAYS Be Relevant
By Nancy Greggs

Well, it’s been another downer of a week, hasn’t it, George? I guess it was Gore’s Nobel that put you in a bad mood – made you stomp your feet, and veto health care coverage for little kids just to show you’re still relevant, God damn it!

Well, George, you needn’t have worried. You see, in the true sense of the word – relevant: as in pertaining to the matter – no one will think you irrelevant for decades to come.

Whenever we ponder the destruction in Iraq, and the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, you will be relevant because you caused it all.

When we see a wounded veteran – blind, burned, wheelchair-bound – you will be relevant, because you sent him and his comrades into combat without the necessary equipment to keep them safe. As we watch them beg for change on the street, you will be relevant for your failure to provide them with the barest of necessities after they sacrificed everything under your sorry, inept leadership.

In future observances of Veterans’ Day, as families and friends visit the gravesites of their fallen loved ones, you will be relevant in that it was you who sent them to their deaths fighting an unnecessary and unwinnable war, a conflict of your own creation based on lies.

In the years to come – more probably the decades to come – as we watch tensions in the Middle East grow worse, and look back to where all hope of a peaceful resolution was dimmed, you will be relevant for your hand in fanning the flames of unrest.

As our children study the Constitution, you will be relevant when they learn about the administration that sought to undermine its principles and destroy its meaning at every turn.

As our grandchildren struggle to pay off the debt you have left them, you will be relevant, the man who not only created that debt, but added to it by decreasing taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations, who lined the pockets of war-profiteering companies controlled by friends and family members, who inexplicably lost billions in taxpayers' dollars in the fog of war.

When we raise the flag at future Fourth of July celebrations, you will be relevant as we recall the administration that sullied that flag with the blood of those tortured at your behest, those humiliated for your amusement, those unjustly accused by a system of justice you corrupted beyond all imagining.

When we look back in retrospect on the horrific events of September 11, 2001, you will be relevant as we picture you reading a children’s book while our country was under attack; you will be relevant as we discuss why those who warned of the probability of such a catastrophe were ignored, why all investigations into its unfolding were stonewalled by your administration after-the-fact.

I know you are greatly concerned with your legacy, but have no fear -- you will be relevant as the history books recount your misdeeds, your deceit, your buffoonery, your idiotic posturing, your arrogance in the face of your own failures, your corruption, your greed, and your inability to speak without being exposed as a mindless fool.

Yes, even after your passing, you will be relevant, as future generations talk about the Worst.President.Ever., as investigations into your wrongdoing are finalized at long last, as things that are now still held in secret are exposed to the light of day, forever damning you and your cohorts as perpetrators of crimes against their own country, and the citizens of the world.

Whenever future generations look back on this current, blackened era – a time when ineptitude was rewarded, when government incompetence was the rule of the day, when corruption and greed in high places was deemed acceptable, when men in positions of trust used their influence and power to thwart every noble ideal this country every stood for – you will be relevant to those memories we would all have hoped to forget.

So go off on yet another of your endless vacations, and sleep well knowing that you will always be relevant, now and in future, when just men and women cast their minds back to the darkest of humanity's days, and the despicable men who brought them about.

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