Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday

If I were still amongst the living, my thinking on this day would be as follows: There are 4 realistically viable choices left.

CLINTON: She is an insider's insider, attracts all kinds of big $$$ (always with strings attached), is no friend of the anti-war movement and I don't think our nation needs another DYNASTY.

ROMNEY: This guy is a phony ASS...., a big war supporter, who when asked by a reporter why his 5 sons (of military service age) were not partaking of the war he so strongly supports-, after a withering stare, replied that his sons were "serving their country by helping me get get elected president"!

McCAIN: This guy scares the hell out of me! Here we have a Viet Nam Vet, who most surely should know better, strongly supporting the Cheney/Bush criminal fiasco and the"Surge"in Iraq, stating something to the effect "If it takes a hundred years, we should complete THE MISSION(???)"? Didn't he ever ask himself the question while in the "Hanoi Hilton" prison or later "What did all my pain,suffering and misery do for me or my country?" and then say to himself "If I can, I should do anything in my power to stop any more f....d up wars from ever happening again!" But then I could never understand "ring knocker"(academy grads) 'thinking'. Perhaps, as that geat military thinker/stategist Karl Rove intimated, McCain"s time as a POW affected his logic circuity. Or,mostlikely, BIG M.I.C.$$$$ has affected his integrity! What ever the reason(s), as I said, this guy scares the hell out of me!!!

Lastly,OBAMA: Seems by far the "lesser of the evils" (isn't THAT the American way) and who knows, you may get lucky!Wouldn"t it be ironic, if an African/American restored DEMOCRACY to The Facist Plutocrcy of America?!



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