Monday, February 4, 2008

I Will Not Be Moved

By NanceGreggs

Long before the infighting, the name-calling, the mindless bashing ever got a foothold, I had already chosen my candidate. I am not now, nor will I be in future, persuaded away from my choice, nor will I be insulted or bullied into changing my mind.

My candidate is the one who ends up winning the nomination and has a (D) behind their name. They have my vote, and my support.

Of course, I, like everyone, had my preference going in. But when it was clear that the majority of my fellow Democrats preferred someone else over my personal choice, I accepted that. I don’t think they are stupid or ill-informed; they simply had a different choice, perhaps based on different criteria than my own.

So be it. As long as their choice has a (D) behind their name, I’ll abide by the ultimate majority decision that is made by my fellow party members. That’s based on my wanting a Democrat in the White House; it is also based on the overwhelming fact that I, unlike some people, do not believe that I know what’s best for everyone, and therefore anyone who disagrees with me is clearly wrong.

I will not be moved by the Nostradamus factor; those who know we’ll lose in November if Hillary is the nominee, along with those who know we will lose if it’s Obama. And one can’t help but notice the irony: the listen-to-me-because-I-KNOW prophets are equally assured that they can predict the future – even though they are predicting completely different outcomes.

I will not be moved by the childish bickering between the pro-Hill and pro-Obama factions, which has gone from one ridiculous outburst to another. “Hillary supporters are pro-war and just don’t care about their country.” “Obama supporters obviously want us to lose in November.” Yes, that’s right. Millions of Democrats across the country are meeting in secret, choosing the candidate they are most hopeful will continue the debacle in Iraq and/or cost us the White House. Glad you figured that one out, Einstein.

Let’s not discuss how important it is to rid ourselves of Republican rule when there are more pressing things to focus on – like handshakes that did or didn’t happen. Let’s not concern ourselves with future Supreme Court nominees – better to wind up with another Scalia than elect a Democrat who might have snubbed someone – and, of course, let’s base the truth and/or the implications of that alleged snub on the MSM talking hairdos’ take on things, because it just doesn’t get any more reliable than that.

So while the Clinton-Obama virtual fisticuffs continue unabated (as they no doubt will), I will stand firm in my choice: last man or woman standing with the all-important (D) gets my vote – unequivocally, and without ‘holding my nose’.

In the end, it’s (D) v (R), and in the bitter fray that this place has become over the past few months, I have never forgotten who the enemy is.

As for those who refuse to vote for that man or that woman based on their ‘principles’, I am sure that if we get another four-to-eight years of a Republican in the White House, those same people will comfort themselves knowing that their personal agenda was far more important than the wellbeing of the nation and its citizenry.

Most of all, I will not be moved by those touting the idea that given the two candidates we're left with, there’s no difference between US (the Dems) and THEM (the GOP). If that is what you honestly believe, I hope you will give serious consideration to becoming an equal-opportunity whiner, whereby you post that same sentiment on Republican message boards for a while. If there's no difference between US and THEM, shouldn't you be giving them fair warning as well? That would seem only fair - and I’m sure there are many here who would welcome the break from your belly-achin’.

A Democrat in the White House, with a strong Democratic majority in the House and the Senate. It’s the only thing that matters now – and if you don’t believe that, think long and hard about the alternative – because if that doesn’t give you nightmares, you obviously don’t understand what’s at stake.

I believe, especially after the last seven-plus years, that I do understand what’s at stake – and I plan to vote accordingly.

That's why the nominee with the (D) is getting my vote, and my support, without question. It will be interesting to see which of the two remaining candidates wins the battle - but ultimately, when it comes down to our (D) versus their (R), it should be obvious that there's a lot more riding on who wins the war.

Posted in full with author's permission.

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